Ceramic beads are resilient yet delicate and should not be dropped on hard surfaces which could cause cracks, chips, or breakage to occur.

They should be handled like precious jewels...

When not being worn, each necklace should be stored individually in a safe soft box, included with each purchase, where they won’t rub against each other.

The necklaces are waterproof and can be cleaned using a delicate soap. Being careful not to stretch out the knots, wash between your hands, and lay out to dry.

If the shape of the knots changes (Butterfly Pan Chang can sometimes turn up) then the necklace should be placed on a flat surface and given a short spray of hairspray, lay a towel over it, and put some weight on the necklace to press the sides down into place. In some cases, the necklaces can be returned and restrung with a more stable cord.

ANY necklace with a problem can be returned and repaired, as these necklaces should last for centuries.