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Lester Horton is the inventor of an innovative modern dance, known as the Lester Horton Technique, exploring the body's range of motion and focusing on strength, balance, and hinge. His original approach has been and continues to be a source of inspiration and training for many contemporary dancers and choreographers. This technique is now available in this documentation series, produced by Babette Fisch, consisting of three videotapes: Warm-Up, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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lester horton
lester horton
lester horton
Warm-Up Intermediate Advanced

Ira Winarsky’s art transfigures light within its fine glazed surface, creating depth, creating surface, and transforming light to create rainbows of color that are reflections of ones self, ones room, ones nature. The pieces are kinetic and interactive. They have immediacy; their light is still and constant when you are, and dynamic when you are not. The colors too change with time as the light changes.

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