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No limits to your personal style...

BabetteBeads is an exquisite collection of original jewelry that reflects a delicate balance between ancient craftsmanship and modern sensibility.

No templates, no rules, no boundaries. Each design is a one-of-a kind showpiece born of infinite imagination and intense creativity. From conception, to handfiring, to the rigorous glazing and finishing processes, BabetteBeads is an investment in good taste that can be worn today, tomorrow, and forever.

Wearable art at its most luxurious...

Each piece is finished off on one cord by Chinese knot artist and teacher Mann–lih Huang. Several of the designs feature symbolic, decorative Chinese knots, such as the incomparable Pan Chang design. Learn more about Chinese knot artistry.

These works of art are available on a limited basis. Please contact us for further information.

BabetteBeads is the result of a collaborative effort between Babette C. Fisch and Ira Winarsky. The brother-and-sister team works in concert to create unique ceramic beaded necklaces made with a rare, antique glazing process.

Babette is the artistic mind behind her eponymus line. In her “spare time”, she produces dance instruction videos, including those chronicling the Lester Horton Technique, which are marketed and distributed worldwide. Her creativity shines through in the BabetteBeads collection. Using everything from her own hands to a common garlic press, Babette creates undeniably original designs.

Ira, a professor of architecture at the University of Florida at Gainesville, is a self-taught alchemist and an accomplished sculptor whose work has been exhibited across the country. His glazes are the result of years of study, thousands of tests, and the labor of ideas in form and color. He strives to capture the fleeting, ephemeral iridescence present in much of nature: water, sunlight, and sunset. Ira is the driving force behind the glazes and firings that produce the magnificent, iridescent, lustre-glazed beads used to create the BabetteBeads collection. Learn more about Ira's art.

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