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# 82803-04 - SL 1 %

The particularity of this gorgeous piece resides in the rare and amazing creamy white, gold, yellow, and green iridescence. This 17" long necklace features 13 medium sized oblong beads with Double Connection knots in between each bead. One extra bead, almost 1/2" wide, is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. To terminate the necklace, Snake knots are applied on the backside of the greenish cord and its ends are embellished with Chinese Button knots.

# 1311 - SL 910.1

This piece is unique, as there exists no other in this color. This sporty necklace is assembled on a 16” long copper colored cord and consists of blue and copper iridescent beads, one with an oblong shape located in the center part of the necklace. Small Clover knots separate each bead. A rust colored envelope is provided for storage.


# 92803-14 - SL 29

A true classic, this is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. 10 shimmering beads of deep purple, gray, gold, and taupe iridescence surround an attractive center drop piece. Chinese Button knots are placed in between each bead to secure them in place. The matching 16" long taupe cord features a Phoenix Tail knotted neck. The clasp is made of an oblong tube bead with a Flat knot for the loop. This chic necklace is boxed in a brown crocodile envelope.

# 82803-02 - SL 910.1

The light peach, turquoise, blue, and gold iridescence gives this necklace a serene character that makes it versatile as it could be worn not only daily but also can accommodate casual or dressy events. Some oblong round and some barrel-shaped, the 13 medium-sized beads are arranged alternating in shape on a 17" long copper colored cord. The beads are secured and separated by Double Connection knots placed in between each of them. On the backside, Snake knots embellish the remainder of the cord. Another bead, long in shape, forms the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop.

# 8103-12 - SL 338

Different and stunning, this design features small and thin oblong shaped beads and 1 strong center tooth shaped bead with the most amazing gold, orange, and purple iridescence. 3 Snake knots, placed in between each bead, separate and hold them in place. Additional Snake knots embellish the rest of the 19" long cord on the backside of the necklace. The light gold cord is finished with Butterfly Pan Chang knots on either end and surround the clasp made of a long bead and a Flat knot for the loop.
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