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# 417 - SL 530

The uniqueness of this design is the potential to adjust its length from 16” to 22” long. This characteristic is achieved through the association of small Snake knots around the neck and 4 strands with Infinity knots that look like tiny buttonhole stitches that allow the necklace to be adapted from smaller to larger dimensions. In addition, a 4-1/2” long bar-like bead of amazing iridescence with pinkish, golden, and rusty hues features a pie crimping texture. Hanging above the bar, 2 square beads of the same golden luster glaze have 4 Pan Chang Flower knots on either side. For storage, this lovely piece is enclosed in a black case with black satin lined interior. 


# 92803-17 - SL 539

The beauty of this gorgeous design resides in the knotting technique that is especially difficult to achieve. Coral and taupe in color, the 17" long cord features an attractive spiral design made with 12 individual strands. Held onto the necklace by a spiral loop, this necklace has and exclusive miniature figurine or coral and silver iridescent located in the center of the cord. In addition, the clasp is made of a coordinated triangular bead paired with a Flat knot for the loop. This wearable art piece that has dramatic appeal comes in a linen black box with velvet lining.

# 8103-17 - SL 530 / 2nd firing

The wedge shape of the beads defines this design as being different, daring, and definitely a “stand-out”. Of golden, pinkish, and orange iridescence, these 9 oblong wedge beads are each separated by 3 snake knots. The 16-1/2” long taupe colored cord features Snake knots along the neck area. A small rectangular bead and a Flat knot form the clasp.


# 8103-03 - SL 532

Featuring only two beads, this necklace is exquisite and can be worn for sport, daily wear, or black tie. Placed in the center of the necklace, the shape of the orange and gold iridescent bead is reminiscent of a mango seed. This 16” long and soft to the touch cord was made using 12 individual strings, all black except for one with tiny gold colored diamond shapes running along its length. The clasp is composed of a Flat knot loop and a small square bead of the same iridescent glaze. For storage, this lovely piece is enclosed in a black case with black satin lined interior. 


# 1109 - SL 530

Because of an intricate knotting system of 8 Infinity knots tails, the length of this beautiful necklace can be adjusted from 16” to 20” depending on the wearer’s desires. 8 strands of taupe colored cord are used in an unusual stitch design also called macramé rollover stitch. The center feature of the necklace is a 2-1/2” long flat crescent shaped medallion with golden, metallic, and taupe iridescence. A complementary gray vinyl box is provided for storage.

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