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# 2107 - SL 538

Reminiscent of royal jewelry, the design of this necklace focuses on 13 large rectangular discs of hot gold iridescence. Another disc of medium size is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. Assembled on a 16-1/2" long black cord, the discs are held in place and separated by Double Connection knots. Snake knots embellish the neck area and Butterfly Pan Chang knots terminate the cord on either side of the clasp. This piece is a powerful accessory to any outfit.

# 82803-01 - SL 942

Assorted on a 16" long contrasting black cord, 15 beads display a magical and breathtaking green and gold iridescence. Some narrow discs and some oblong, the beads are separated by Double Connection knots to hold them in place and to protect them from knocking against each other. Thick and oblong, an extra bead is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. In addition, the backside of the necklace features Snake knots along the cord punctuated by a few X-knots covering them.

# 8103-16 - SL 538

Rich in hues of gold, pink, and orange, 11 simple beads of different shapes cover 3/4 of this magnificent 17-1/2" long necklace. Mounted on a black shiny cord with its end knotted, each bead is separate and held in place by X-knots. The focus of this piece consists of a slightly larger drop shaped bead placed in the center. Easy to manage, the clasp consists of a diamond shaped bead in association with Flat knots and Double Connection knots that make the loop. The high neck of the cord features Phoenix Tail knots. 2 Flower Pan Chang knots on each side of the clasp terminate the two ends of the cord. Big, bold, and classic, this necklace could take you back in time. A linen black box with velvet lining is provided for storage.


# 82803-06 - SL 1%

Mounted on a 16" long shiny lime green cord, the beading system consists of 11 medium sized beads - 6 coin thin discs and 5 barrel-shaped - alternating in shape and each separated by Double Connection knots. The exciting and elegant ivory iridescent color of the beads gives them the look and feel of natural pearls. Around the neck, Snake knots embellish the cord. Surrounded by Flower Pan Chang knots on either side, the clasp is an unusual 3" long hook shaped bead with a Flat knot for the loop. A black linen box with velvet lining is provided for storage.

# 92803-05 - SL 942

The sleek look of this original necklace comes from the 9 different beads - 5 tubular beads and 4 disks - alternating in their arrangement. Some long and some short, the beads display an incredible turquoise and gold iridescence. Double Connection knots are placed in between each bead to secure them in place. Snake knots running along the neck area and Flower Pan Chang knots at either end terminate the 16-1/2" long golden cord. An additional tubular bead is used for the clasp. For protection, a black Chinese armoire is provided with the necklace. (Note: This piece is currently available For Sale at the Harn Museum).

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