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# 1002 - SL 530 / 2nd firing

This gorgeous gold and pink iridescent design features a large number of round beads alternating in size. A large and thick icicle bead is used for the clasp in combination with Snake and Flat knots. Assembled on an 18” shiny gold cord, this necklace is conveniently stored in a white satin lined red Chinese armoire.


# 82803-09 - SL 785

The uniqueness of the beads in association with the artistic knotting process used for this one-of-a-kind necklace makes it a museum piece. The focal point of this piece consists of a 2-1/2" long fang like bead of light blue iridescence hanging from a Transformer Pan Chang knot and 2 Clover knots that hold the top of the pendant. This intricate knotting system includes Snake knots running along the cord that are punctuated by Double Connection knots. In addition, the backside of this 23" long dramatic necklace features two other smaller beads and 4 Infinity knots allowing the length of the light green cord to be adjusted for shorter or longer lengths. For storage, this jewel comes in a brown crocodile envelope. (Note: This piece is currently available For Sale at the Harn Museum).

# 9015 - SL 532

The design of this elegant piece consists of 14 pear shaped beads (due to heavy glazing) of great iridescence separated by snake knots and gathered on a 16” long black and thin cord. Originally conceived and surrounded by two Butterfly Pan Chang knots, the clasp is made of an oblong thick icicle bead and a Flat knot. (Note: This piece is currently available For Sale at the Beatrice Wood Gallery).


# 30302 - SL 1.2%

The originality behind this 16-1/2“ long necklace evolves from an imaginative and intricate knotting technique. Hanging from a golden cord done with macramé rollover technique configuring a pointy V-shaped pattern, a single irregular shaped bead embellishes and complements this particular and innovative design. Included for storage is a black Chinese box-like armoire.


# 92803-08 - SL 281

5 medium sized beads all of different shape are placed in the center of a 16" long shiny copper colored cord. Each separated by 2 X-knots, the beads display astonishing turquoise and peach iridescence. The rest of the necklace features Snake knots along its length with X-knots every 1". A barrel shape bead and a Flat knot are used for the clasp. A linen black box with velvet lining in provided with the necklace.
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