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# 1102 - SL 97.1

On a 17” long purple cord, this elegant necklace features 2 gorgeous beads of deep purple iridescence. First, a large pear shaped bead hangs in the center part of the cord. The second bead of oblong shape is used for the clasp in association with Double X-knots and a Flat knot for the loop. Additionally, Phoenix Tail stitches run all the way around the neck area making the flat necklace 1/4“ wide. 


# 2401 - SL 513

Making this necklace a one-of-a-kind, the water droplet shaped beads are extremely original and unique. Each separated by 5 Snake knots, the 13 red, copper, and gold iridescent beads are arranged along a coordinated 17” long copper cord. Each end of the cord is embellished and terminated by a Flower Pan Chang Knot that surround the clasp in the back. An additional water droplet shaped bead is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. (Note: This piece is currently available For Sale at the Beatrice Wood Gallery).


# 92803-11 - SL 785

The beads' large size and the beautiful turquoise, blue, and gold iridescence make this 17" long necklace exclusively unique and different. Assembled on a contrasting black cord and placed in its center, the 5 main beads are sphere shaped with Double Connection knots separating them. The cord features Snake knots along the neck area punctuated with X-knots at every inch, and is finished with an extra bead used for the clasp. For storage, a black linen box lined with velvet is provided with the necklace.


# 9008 - SL 530

The intense and rich golden, pinkish, and purple color of this necklace makes it wearable with a multitude of different colored clothing. Each separated by 3 Snake knots, 14 oblong beads are gathered on a 16-1/2” long pinkish and purple cord. With 2 Flower Pan Chang knots located on either side, another bead is used for the clasp with Flat knots for the loop.


# 8103-01 - SL 942

Of Eastern Indian influence, this design features 7 oblong beads of tremendous green and gold iridescence on a gold cord. Placed in between each bead, 2 Double Connection knots delicately separate them from one another. The centerpiece of this 18” long necklace is a lovely triangular shaped bead. Phoenix Tail knots run along the neck area. Intricately conceived, the clasp consists of an oblong bead and a Flat knot for the loop surrounded by 2 Flower Pan Chang knots with Snake knots on either side.

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