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# 92803-07 - SL 910.1

Rich in color, this simple necklace could accommodate a sporty as well as dressy wardrobe. Copper, gold, and red in color, this design focuses on a central oblong flat drop bead surrounded by 3 horizontal smaller oblong beads on either side. Placed in between each bead, Snake knots are covered by X-knots. The neck area of this beautiful 16-1/2" long piece features Snake knots along its length and Flower Pan Chang knots at each end of the cord. Another oblong bead is used for the clasp with Flat knots for the loop. For storage, a brown crocodile envelope is provided with this gorgeous piece.


# 416 - SL 29

Rich in color and beaded on a shiny gray/silver cord, this easy to wear necklace has pewter colored beads with amazing iridescence. This design features 3 central beads - 2 square shaped and 1 rectangular - with Pan Chang knots on each side of the beads. Along its length, the cord has Phoenix Tail knots. In addition, Chinese Button knots surround the bead used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. The simplicity and refinement of this 17" long jewel will compliment any colors of a wardrobe. A black linen box with velvet lining is provided for storage.

# 1301 - SL 942

Simple but elegant, the 18" long light green cord complements the iridescent light green and silver beads. A well designed Split Pan Chang knot holds the one double shaped bead. Additionally, a Phoenix Tail knot technique is applied around the neck area of the cord. Another bead, oblong and highly iridescent, is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. The necklace is placed in a black linen box with velvet lining.




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