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# 2006 - SL 910.1 - SOLD

Of rusty, reddish, and golden iridescence, this necklace is a one of a kind piece. Measuring 17” long, this design incorporates 9 large beads assembled on a cord of copper and reddish hues. The beads are each separated by 2 Snake knots placed in between 2 Chinese Button knots. Being surrounded by 2 Butterfly Pan Chang knots, the clasp incorporates an oblong bead and a Flat knot for the loop.


# 2103 - SL 261 F 1 - SOLD

This amazing turquoise colored iridescent design is composed of 22 large beads, each separated by 2 Double Connection knots. Their pear shape results from a heavy glazing process. The simple clasp of this 20”long necklace consists of Flat knots. 


# 9013 - SL 338 - SOLD

The one-of-a-kind and Chinese influenced design of this 18” long necklace concentrates on the composition and the arrangement of 4 beads. The primary focus of the piece is a large, oblong, and flat rusty gold iridescent bead placed in the center part of the gold colored cord. Counterbalance is achieved by the placement of two smaller beads of same color on the cord's extremities finished with Cloverleaf knots. The design also incorporates a large Pan Chang knot with extended loops. The clasp consists of a tooth shaped bead and a Flat knot.


# 2101 - SL 942 - SOLD

Because of its exquisite peach and turquoise iridescence, this necklace is truly unique. The tear shaped beads are assembled on an 18” long gold cord. The knotting technique features long Phoenix Tail knots along the length of the necklace as well as 13 Clover knots located above each bead. The clasp consists of a single bead and a Flat knot for the loop.


# 3008 - SL 338/ 2nd firing - SOLD

Metallic, golden, and rusty icicle shaped beads, as well as smaller beads in between, are the main features of this attractive 17” long necklace. In addition, Flat and Snake knots hold the beads in place and give the piece its sophisticated quality.

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