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# 92803-12 - SL 785 - SOLD

Prettier than real turquoise, this amazing set of medium to large beads displays dazzling turquoise and golden shimmering iridescence. This necklace will go well with anything you could wear it with. Going all around the neck, the beads are assembled on a 16-1/2" long assorted gold cord. Snake knots are placed in between each bead to secure and protect them from each other. The combination of an oblong bead and a Flat knot for the clasp makes this piece simple and easy to put on and off. A black Chinese armoire is provided with this one-of-a-kind jewel.

# 92803-13 - SL 910.1 - SOLD

This necklace is stunning! Composed of 13 copper, red, and gold iridescent beads, this lovely design features interspersed oblong and round beads with Double Connection knots in between each of them. The center part of the 16" long dark brown cord focuses on a small round bead with a large oblong pear shaped bead on either side. Snake knots embellish and terminate the backside of the cord. A large tooth-like bead is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. For storage, this beautiful necklace comes with a dark brown crocodile envelope.


# 92803-16 - SL 785 - SOLD

Simple but amazingly rich in blue and gold iridescence, this necklace features a large oval pendant hanging from a 17" long 8-strand diamond cord. A twisted Snake knot holds and stabilizes the pendant in the center of the cord. The clasp consists of a smaller but same color bead with a Flat knot loop. This necklace is sold in a simple black linen box lined with velvet.


# 92803-09 - SL 910.1 - SOLD

Daring and untraditional, this is a masterpiece! The particularity of this alluring piece resides in the selection and composition of the 7 beads - 3 flat discs and 4 rectangles - that alternate in shape. Matching the dark copper and red iridescence of the beads, the 16" long dark brown cord has Double Connection knots in between each bead to secure them in place. Along its length, the cord features Snake knots punctuated by X-knots. In addition, another flat disc bead with a Flat knot forming the loop is used for the clasp. This flattering piece is boxed in a brown crocodile envelope.

# 2001 - SL 1.2% - SOLD

20” long, this breathtaking piece configures 9 medium size beads of great iridescence and an intricate knotting arrangement. Two Chinese Button knots and Snake knots interweave in between each bead to secure them in place. Located in the center and hanging from Snake knots, a large oblong bead creates the focus of this magnificent design. In addition, the clasp consists of a combination of an icicle shaped bead and a Flat knot for the loop. A red Chinese box-like armoire is provided for storage.

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