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# 2109 - SL 785 - SOLD

The unusual iridescent blue/black crackle glaze makes this necklace a one-of-a-kind jewel that draws the eye. Flat and rounded, 11 medium sized beads are arranged on a 16-1/2" long light green cord. 4 Pan Chang Knots surround the center oblong bead. Snake knonts embelish the neck area of the cord. The clasp consists of a combination of knots: a Flat knot for the loop and a Flower Pan Chang knot on either side. This piece of jewelry comes in a black linen box with velvet lining.

# 92803-03 - SL 942 - SOLD

The unbelievably phenomenal green and gold iridescent colors and bead shapes make this piece exclusive and unique. The 15 flat and rectangular beads are assembled on a coordinated 17" long gold cord and arranged in a graduating size pattern all the way around the neck. 2 Chinese Button knots are positioned in between each bead to hold them in place and protect them from touching each other. In the back of the necklace, Flower Pan knots are placed on either end of the bead arrangement. Held in placed by a Chinese Button knot, the clasp consists of a barrel shaped but concave bead with a Flat knot for the loop. This extraordinary piece is kept safe in a black Chinese armoire box.

# 82803-03 - SL 1% (layered with SL 281) - SOLD

Held by a Transformer Pan Chang knot and about 2" in diameter, a large round disc pendant with Chinese Button knots around it is the focus and particularity of this fabulous heirloom. Secured by Double Connection knots, 7 small to medium sized beads of strong pink, gold, peach, and copper iridescence are placed at equal distance along the Snake knotted gold colored cord. The clasp is made of 3 smaller beads held by Double Connection knots allowing the length of the necklace to expand from 14" to longer dimensions. For storage, this amazing piece is placed in black linen box with velvet lining.

# 92803-15 - SL 29 - SOLD

13 deep purple, taupe and gold iridescent beads, alternating in shape from flat square to oblong round, are arranged along the 15-1/2" coordinated taupe colored cord. Placed in between each bead, Chinese Button knots hold them in place and protect them from knocking against each other. The cord also features a Snake knotted neck. The clasp bead is an oblong tooth-like piece with a Flat knot for the loop. For protection, a brown crocodile envelope is provided with this lovely jewel.


# 1315 - SL 338 - SOLD

Assembled on an 18” long taupe colored cord, this stunning piece features 17 large beads of gray, purple, and gold iridescence with three Snake knots separating each bead from one another. The pear shape of some of the beads results from their heavy glazing process. Surrounded by 2 Flower Pan Chang knots, the clasp consists of a single bead with a Flat knot used for the loop. A black Chinese armoire with a black satin innerlining is used to store the necklace.

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