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# 92803-01 - SL 29 - SOLD

The classical configuration of alternating round and square beads gives this necklace an ageless quality. Beaded on a 16" long taupe colored cord, and each separated by Chinese Button knots, the 11 small to medium sized beads display a beautiful gunmetal and deep purple iridescence. The rest of the cord features Snake knots along its length. The clasp consists of a small oblong bead of the same iridescence with a Chinese Button knot at the end of it and a Flat knot for the loop. For protection, this timeless beauty is placed in a brown crocodile envelope case.

# 92803-06 - SL 910.1 - SOLD

The rare red glaze with brownish and reddish iridescence makes this piece a one-of-a-kind jewel. Assembled on a 17-1/2" long dark brown and shiny cord, 7 large round beads are separated and held in place by X-knots. In addition, Snake knots running along the length of the cord are punctuated by X-knots approximately every inch. An oblong bead is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. This necklace is placed in a black linen box with velvet lining for storage.


# 2103 - SL 538 - SOLD

Resembling lace, the elaborate knotting technique employed in the making of this necklace, such as Neck knots, gives this piece its antique look that can lift any mood. The front of the necklace features 5 large oblong beads of golden and reddish iridescence each separated by Double Connection knots and mounted on a black 16" long cord. Simple, the clasp consists of an additional bead and Flat knot. This necklace is stored in a black linen box with velvet lining.



# 92803-18 - SL 29 - SOLD

The beautiful metal gray, gold, and purple iridescent glazing of this piece makes it very versatile and complements any piece of clothing, sporty or dressy. Arranged on a 16" long cord, the 26 medium sized beads are reminiscent of metal pearls with golden iridescent accents. Because of its taupe color, the cord seems to disappear and becomes invisible except for the intricate Chinese Button knots placed in between each bead. In addition, the area of the back of the neck features Double Connection knots at the end and Flat knot loop for the clasp. A brown crocodile envelope is provided for storage.


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