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# 1305 - SL 785 - SOLD

This beautiful 16-1/2" long necklace is a Chinese knot masterpiece. Featuring turquoise, blue, and brown iridescence, this design focuses on an unusually long and elaborate Pan Chang knot that has 7 little oblong bead drops hanging from the bottom line of the knot. In addition, Snake knots embellish the neck area and a Flat knot loop forms the clasp with another bead matching the other 7. This Necklace is shipped in a black linen box with velvet lining.

# 8103-02 - SL 281 - SOLD

The combination of 3 alternating paddle-like beads with 4 square tubes, and 2 oblong beads on either side of this arrangement makes this piece distinctive and dramatic. All of hot gold iridescence, each bead is separated by Snake knots. The knotting system of this 17" long necklace includes Snake knots along the rest of the cord with Flower Pan Chang knots at either end. A simple oblong bead and a Flat knot are used to form the clasp. This gorgeous design comes in a black crocodile envelope with black satin lining.

# 92803-02 - SL 29 - SOLD

This everyday necklace features a gorgeous long drop central bead surrounded by 3 smaller round beads on either side, each separated by Chinese Button knots. The iridescent deep purple, metallic taupe, gold, and pink beads are assembled on a 16" long coordinated taupe colored cord with Phoenix Tail knots running along its length. Oblong with flat ends and held in place by a Button knot, an additional bead is used for the clasp with a Flat knot for the loop. This power accessory is placed in a brown crocodile envelope for protection.

# 92803-04 - SL 942 - SOLD

Inspired by early American Indian influence, this design features only 5 beads - 3 oblong tubes and 2 round beads - each separated by Snake knots. The turquoise, gold, and beige colored beads give the necklace a soothing quality reminiscent of natural shell colors. The 16-1/2" long golden cord is embellished with Phoenix Tail knots running along the length. The clasp is made of a flat circle shaped bead and a Flat knot for the loop. Versatile, this sporty or dressy piece is stored in a brown crocodile envelope lined with white satin.


# 92803-10 - SL 971 - SOLD

The fantastic deep purple iridescence with gold accents of this piece will add luster to anything it is worn with - jeans or tailored suits. Arranged on a 16" long purple cord and separated by Snake knots, an oblong pendant is surrounded by 5 round beads of the same striking iridescence on either side. Along the rest of its length, the necklace displays Phoenix Tail knots using 4 different strands. The clasp is made of a an irregular shaped bead with a Flat knot for the loop. This elegant necklace is accompanied with a black Chinese armoire.

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